Antique Chinese Cloisonne

Copper (1/2)

  • 8.4 Chinese Buddhism Copper Cloisonne Sakyamuni Tathagata Buddha Sculpture
  • Rare Chinese Enamel Pot Pure Copper Cloisonne Flower Ornaments Painting Tea Pet
  • Antique Copper Vases Drawn Flower Handmade Enamel Cloisonne Rare Home Vintage
  • Antique Chinese Cloisonne Hand Painted Enamel Wares Over Copper Bowl 12 In
  • Antique Chinese Cloisonne Jar Box Cannister And Cover Copper Enamel
  • Vintage Pair Of Chinese Brass Vases Birds And Puppies Inlaid With Copper 31cm
  • Vintage Zi Jin Cheng Bowl Cloisonne Enamelware Copper Flower On Stand
  • Chinese Copper Cloisonne Zodiac Ox Cattle Bullfighting Statue Ornament Vintage
  • 19th Century Chinese Cloisonne Copper Imperial Flower/ Butterfly Pot 18x16cm
  • 18th 19th Century Chinese Copper Enamel Inkwell Pair Oriental Cloisonné
  • Cloisonnè Large Bowl With Lid Enamel On Copper Royal Blue Turquoise Stunning
  • 6.4 Qianlong Marked Chinese Pair Copper Cloisonne Flowers Plants Bottle Vase